How To Avoid A Chipped Windshield On Your Vehicle

Avoid getting a cracked windshieldWindshields are damaged more easily than you may think, even if you feel that you’re a decent driver. Windshields can crack in extreme cases, but in more minor instances, you have to deal with rock chips. Usually, chipped windshields are a common occurrence in areas of the country where gravel is used regularly on roads in order to add traction for vehicles.
While a chipped or cracked windshield can often be repaired, it still costs money, so avoiding such an incident is perhaps the smartest way to go!

Avoid Driving Behind Trucks

Vehicles that have two rear tires will often kick up rocks on the road, but common sense will tell you that when you come into contact with a vehicle that has four rear tires, you’re in for more trouble!

It’s best to keep your distance from such vehicles if you can help it. Should a large vehicle like this start closing in on you, change lanes as soon as possible.

Check For Mud Flaps

It’s inevitable that when you’re driving on a road, you will come into contact with large semi and dump trucks. These vehicles have large wheels often the size of your own car, which means that these same wheels can do more damage. Due to the size of the wheels, these trucks pick up rocks easier and fling them further, making them devastating for windshields.

As a preventative measure, large trucks have mud flaps, but even then, you’re not entirely safe. Mud flaps can be ripped or removed on older trucks, therefore, keeping your distance is best.

Stop Tailgating!

It’s shocking to see how many drivers tailgate on populated roads and even on country roads leading to small towns. If you’re doing this, chances are your windshield is going to take a hit more than once.

It’s common sense that the closer you are to another vehicle, the more damage your car will incur as debris hits your windshield. Always drive a safe distance from the car in front of you and as a rule of thumb, have at least another vehicle length amount of space between the two of you.

Common Sense Advice

Cracked windshields can be avoided!When driving, make sure to stay alert at all times and consider if there’s anything out there that could result in a cracked or chipped windshield:

  • If you see a semi pulling into your lane from a gravel road, do your best to change lanes and pull back to avoid damage
  • If gravel has just been put down by a grater, drive slowly and make sure to keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you

Safer driving can lessen your chances of having to deal with a chipped windshield. With that being said, even if you consider yourself to be the best driver in the world, accidents can still happen. If your windshield suffers any amount of damage, it’s best to have it repaired as soon as possible by expert hands!

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