Debunking 5 Auto Glass Repair Myths

At Wise Windshields, we are aware of some myths surrounding the repair of auto glass damage. Of course with any type of repair project, there are many solutions that may or may not be true. With the freedom we have today to share anything we like online, these “home remedies” have become even more common.

However it makes good sense to carefully assess any DIY method before committing to it, because a bad DIY can end up costing you much more than you intended!

AUTO GLASS MYTH #1: Do-It-Yourself repair kits can fix all cracks & chips

DIY is not a good idea for auto glass repairsREALITY: If you really want to take a cheap way and fix a chip or crack yourself, then your results will look cheap and probably wonít hold up anyway. Most windshield repair companies will not repair the window where the car owner has already attempted to fix it himself. If you forget that do-it-yourself business and go to a professional to get your windshield thinks youíll save money and get the job done right.

AUTO GLASS MYTH #2: Very small chips don’t need to be repaired at all

REALITY: The research on chips in a windshield tells us that seven out of 10 chips will crack eventually. It doesnít matter what size is but the fact of the matter is that what seems like a small problem can turn into a larger one very quickly. We windshield is chipped it immediately becomes weaker and should be repaired right away professionally.

AUTO GLASS MYTH #3: A full replacement is required for all chips & cracks

REALITY: Although chips and a windshield can and do cause lots of problems in the future if they are not repaired just because you have a chip does not mean you have to have the whole windshield replaced. The chip itself is very easy to repair what a professional handles it, and is almost impossible to tell that there was a chip at all.

AUTO GLASS MYTH #4: All chip & crack repairs have to be paid for out-of-pocket

REALITY: In most cases chip repairs are totally covered by insurance as insurance companies know that if the chip is repaired the chances of the window in replacement is almost nil. Preparing a chip is much less expensive than replacing the full glass panel, so that is why insurance companies usually waive the deductible when it comes to fixing a chip. If the entire sheet needs repaired is likely that the insured will have to pay the deductible himself however many professional auto glass replacement companies can offer warranties in addition to other benefits.

AUTO GLASS MYTH #5: All auto glass chips & cracks are basically the same

Cracked auto glassREALITY: Most people don’t realize that there are 6 different categories chips which can occur in vehicle glass. These are:

  1. Bee’s wing
  2. Combo break
  3. Star break
  4. Cloverleaf
  5. Bull’s-eye
  6. Half-moon

It takes a professional auto glass technician to correctly classify the damage, because each chip or crack can spread differently. A big part of the repair process is knowing what kind of chip you’re working with in the first place.

These are very good reasons why using an auto glass expert is a good idea because the average car owner knows very little about the subject, haven’t been trained, and may actually end up doing more damage as a result.


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