Mobile Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Services

Despite our name, Wise Windshields look after all your vehicle’s glass needs – not just windshield replacement! Our mobile auto glass service is here to help you with chips & cracks in your passenger and driver side door windows, side mirrors and rear windshields too.             

Whether the damage has been caused during a motor vehicle accident, a foreign object (such as a baseball or rock) or during a theft, our qualified technicians can assess the damage quickly. In many cases, we’ll have your glass repaired within the hour of our mobile auto glass technician arriving at your location.

For car window replacement, our technicians will follow a simple 9 step process:

  1. Assess the damage to the door glass – to determine whether the glass can be repaired, and to understand the work required either way
  2. Remove the side door – for easier access, and so the remaining glass can be safely & effectively gathered
  3. Use a special vacuum to collect any glass shards and other debris from around the door area
  4. Install a new quality side window
  5. Perform a series of tests to ensure the glass is safely and securely installed, in line with our high standards
  6. Re-attach the door to the vehicle
  7. Clean all your vehicle’s glass panels
  8. Demonstrate the replaced glass to confirm your satisfaction with our services
  9. Wish you well and move on to the next job!

The Real Cost of Cheap Auto Glass Replacement

Auto glass replacement needed for a side mirror             




If you are having any thoughts about repairing a chip or a crack in your auto glass yourself, we highly recommend you rethink your approach.

While there are cheap auto glass repair kits available on the market, when untrained people attempt to repair cracked or chipped auto glass, the common result is the affected piece of glass having to be replaced!

Not that there’s anything wrong with repair kits themselves, because most of them do provide a step-by-step set of instructions to guide you through the task of repairing the glass. They will often include a tool to remove any broken glass is in the break, instructions to inject the resin into the area that is damaged, and they will also include a piece of curing film.



Professional Vs Amateur Auto Glass Repairs

But the biggest problem with the DIY approach to auto glass repair, is that the car owner doesn’t have the years of experience and knowing that a professionally-trained auto glass technician possesses. 

As with any other trade, a trained professional with years of experience is always going to do a better job than the car owner who has never performed the procedure before. The professional knows just how much pressure to apply to the glass to keep it from cracking while being repaired, and make use of professional equipment to make it a lot easier to perform the perfect glass repair.


Get Your Car Insurance Policy Right!

The different types of auto glass damage determine the technique that will be used to repair it. Such terms as bull’s-eyes, combination breaks, star breaks and so forth are terms that are largely unknown to the average car owner. Most car owners are also not equipped to tell the difference in quality between cheap and quality repair materials.

The best way to save money on your auto glass repair is to purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy. This relatively small investment will often allow you to pay nothing for a technician to repair your car’s glass, as many insurance companies waive the deductible for these claims.




Car insurance can save you money on auto glass repair & replacement



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